ADHD Testing - Pediatrics

ADHD Testing for Pediatrics


Total cost of pediatric ADHD testing without insurance is $1200. With insurance is $900

Includes letter confirming diagnoses and requests for accommodations.


ADHD diagnostic testing includes full diagnostic testing for alternative or co-occurring diagnoses such as ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, etc. It does not include testing for Autism but the provider will determine if Autism is suspected and advise the client if additional testing should be considered.


Insurance cannot be billed for initial psychological diagnostic testing. Insurance may be billed for subsequent follow up visits regarding treatment planning or medication management if Radical Healing is in network with the client’s insurance. Payment plans through AfterPay are available for testing and credit, HSA, and FSA cards are accepted. Testing may be billed at once or on a per visit basis. 


Prior to visit: 

  • Parent will submit any relevant records from the pediatrician, particularly if the client has co-occurring medical concerns.
  • Parent will submit records of any prior testing conducted by the school district or outside entity.
  • Send Parent and Teacher Vanderbilt immediately to allow sufficient time for these to be completed


  • Initial Visit- with parent (s) only- 45 minutes (block 60 minutes in calender)



  • Questionnaires and diagnostics surveys do not need to be completed prior to initial parent visit
  • Additional surveys may be required after information has been collected in the parent survey- depending on age and symptoms may send screenings for the child to complete. May send balloon popping and/or block memory test.
  • All diagnostic surveys and testing must be completed and submitted prior to interview with the child.


  • Assessment visit with child- parent required to be present for any child age 13 or under. For adolescents, parent presence is optional and clinician will likely require a portion of the visit to be spent interviewing the child without the parent. 60 minute visit (block 75 minutes on calendar). ($400)


  • Treatment planning visit- with parents only for age 12 and younger, with client and parent for ages 13 and older. 45 minute visit (block 60 minutes on calendar). ($300)

An additional 30 minutes must be blocked for the provider prior to this visit for reviewing testing, notes, and compiling data. This time is billed to the client at a rate of ($200).


***Visit #3 may be billed to insurance if the provider is in network. This would reduce the out of pocket cost by $300***


Any follow up visits after the initial testing protocol will be determined by the treatment plan agreed upon between the provider and family. Some families may not need further follow up. Some families may choose to pursue medication management with Radical Healing or support with accommodations. All pediatric patients are required to have a follow up visit MONTHLY at a rate of $200/visit or otherwise determined by insurance.