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What services do you offer?

  • ADHD diagnosis and treatment for those age 16 and older
  • Autism diagnosis for those age 16 and older
  • General psychiatric care for anxiety, depression, insomnia, CPTSD, etc. for the neurodiverse age 16 and older
  • Completion of forms and writing of letters for accommodations for school or work
  • Explanation of diagnosis and treatment for your other providers
  • Medical marijuana evaluation and certification

Do you provide therapy? No, but we can send information about your diagnosis and treatment to your therapist at your request.

Do you have after hours care? No. We are a small practice with one provider and limited support staff. We are not able to provide after hours care.

Do you offer telehealth appointments? Yes, we offer in-person and telehealth appointments. In person appointments are currently optional, but regulations are set to begin soon that may require us to do at least one in-person visit every 6 months or one year. We will let you know if you will need an in-person appointment.

How often do I need a follow up appointment? We will work collaboratively to decide what your treatment plan will look like. You may visit us for a diagnosis consultation or you may decide to visit the practice for ongoing medication management. Stimulant medications will require a follow up every three months.

What diagnostic tests are performed during an evaluation?

  • All intakes include questionnaires that evaluate for symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD, mood disorders, and ADHD.
  • Diagnostic assessments for ADHD include ASRS11, the Vanderbilt and Connors assessment modified for adulthood, ATQ, Mindfulness Attention Scale, and the RAADRS-R.
  • Diagnostic assessments for autism include the ASRS11, ATQ, Mindfulness Attention Scale, the RAADRS-R, the full length Autism Spectrum Quotient, the SCQ, and the ADOS-2.

What are your rates?

  • Diagnostic testing, assessment, and evaluation for ADHD and/or Autism: $450
    • A letter demonstrating diagnosis with discussion of results of testing and cognitive areas of concern is included in the evaluation.
    • We can evaluate for ADHD and autism simultaneously, but evaluation for autism requires one follow up appointment due to the nature of the diagnostic test.
  • First appointment for a new patient without diagnostic testing: $350
    • This would be appropriate for the treatment of anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, ADHD that is already diagnosed, and other issues
    • Includes psychiatric interview and assessment and treatment planning
  • Follow up appointment of any type: $200
  • Medical marijuana evaluation and certification: $200
  • Medical marijuana yearly recertification: $100
  • Letter for accommodations or other forms: $50

How long will my appointment take?

  • Diagnostic testing, assessment, and evaluation for ADHD and/or Autism: 60 minutes
  • First appointment for continuation of ADHD or other psychiatric treatment: 60 minutes
  • Follow up appointment: 30 minutes
  • Medical marijuana evaluation and certification: 30 minutes
  • Medical marijuana yearly recertification: no appointment required

Do you take my insurance? We are unable to take insurance at this time.

Can I get reimbursed by my insurance? It is possible to get reimbursed by your insurance if you have “out of network” benefits. If you have these benefits, we provide you with a “superbill” for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement but we cannot guarantee that you will receive full reimbursement. Call your insurance to see if you have these benefits available.

What methods can I use to pay for my appointment? At this time, Radical Healing is accepting payments through credit card, debit card, health savings account (HSA) card, flexible spending account (FSA) card, and Venmo. When you fill out your intake paperwork, you will enter your card information to be kept on file. We will charge the card on file 24 hours before your appointment. If you would prefer to use Venmo, please do so more than 24 hours before your appointment.

How much will my medication cost? Radical Healing is not affiliated with any pharmacy and has no control over or influence on the cost of your medication. We will send your prescriptions to the local pharmacy of your choice, where you will provide your insurance information. It is up to your insurance how much of the medication is covered, and insurance plans vary widely. Your pharmacy will let you know the cost after running it through your insurance. If your medication is cost prohibitive, please let your provider know as there may be similar medications that are more affordable.

How do I request my records from Radical Healing? Please send your medical record request via text or email and state your full name, date of birth, reason for request, and the destination to which you would like your records sent. This request will be recorded in your chart and your records will be forwarded.

How can I get a refill on my medications or reschedule an appointment once I am a patient? Text the office number with your full name and the medication you are requesting to have refilled. We will submit your refill and respond to you within 48 business hours. Please request your refill a few days before you need it in order to have your medication on time.

Is this practice right for me?

  • This practice is a good fit for you if you are primarily interested in understanding yourself and your brain better. You may be considering several different ways to treat your symptoms such as medication, supplements, changes to routine, improving sleep, mindfulness, movement, and natural remedies. You also may be in need of a diagnostic assessment for documentation to assist you with accommodations at work and school that will help you be more successful and balanced.
  • This practice is likely not a good fit for you if you have been recently hospitalized for psychiatric symptoms or sometimes need acute, emergency psychiatric services, especially after hours or on weekends. This practice cannot assist with services such as care or case management, coordination of health insurance, food benefits, housing benefits, or assistance applying for temporary or permanent disability.
  • If you are primarily seeking psychotherapy, Radical Healing does not offer this service.
  • If you live or are located outside of NYS, Radical Healing cannot assess or treat you.
  • If you are on multiple medications for your mental and physical health or have a long-term, ongoing opioid prescription, you would be better served in a clinic setting with many resources rather than a small practice such as Radical Healing.
  • If you are seeking standardized diagnostic testing that includes a computerized assessment and IQ testing by a psychologist, Radical Healing does not offer this, as Radical Healing’s primary clinician is a Nurse Practitioner and there is no psychologist on staff.
  • If you are younger than age 16 you should seek a pediatric specialist.