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Radical Healing is not in network with any insurance. Rates are as follows.

  • Diagnostic testing, assessment, and evaluation for ADHD and/or Autism: $450
    • A letter demonstrating diagnosis with discussion of results of testing and cognitive areas of concern is included in the evaluation.
    • We can evaluate for ADHD and autism simultaneously, but evaluation for autism requires one follow up appointment due to the nature of the diagnostic test.
  • First appointment for a new patient without diagnostic testing: $350
    • This would be appropriate for the treatment of anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, ADHD that is already diagnosed, and other issues
    • Includes psychiatric interview and assessment and treatment planning
  • Follow up appointment of any type: $200
  • Medical marijuana evaluation and certification: $200
  • Medical marijuana yearly recertification: $100
  • Letter for accommodations or other forms: $50

At this time, we accept payments through credit card, debit card, health savings account (HSA) card, flexible spending account (FSA) card, and Venmo. When you fill out your intake paperwork, you will enter your card information to be kept on file. This card will be charged 24 hours before your appointment. If you would prefer to use Venmo, please do so more than 24 hours before your appointment.